Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Iris Folding

 This is Katahdin. He was one of the first cards I ever made using Iris Folding. He was also my first cat. A big all-outdoor cat who would eat squirrels (except the tails....because really, who would eat a tail when you can have raw entrails?!?!). I would find big, grey squirrel tails from time to time on the lawn. I never really understood him. But, I knew enough to keep him far away from my Munchkin because, seriously, he tended to Stalk and (obviously) he had an appetite. He ran away this past fall, and I wouldn't be surprised if he had set up his own Squirrel burger cafe somewhere out in the woods behind our house.
I digress: Iris Folding is a craft that on the surface appears to be quite complicated, but when you actually give it a try you realize how very simple it is in reality.  I found this great site with a basic tutorial and free templates here .
For my Munchkins first birthday I made this card:
It's really a lot of fun to make these. All you need is an:
Exacto Knife
Decorative paper (origami paper works well, too) 
Template (you can make your own easily enough)

For instructions (with pictures) on how to do a basic template....which will give you an idea on how to do *any* here.
Here is where you can find some free templates (in the center of the page there is a tab for Alphabet templates.....I can really imagine some fun children's room decorations coming out of those). There are some simplistic templates ones here.
Have FUN!! Happy CRAFTING!!

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