Monday, November 29, 2010

Curly Christmas Tree

How about a curly Christmas tree?? This was fairly time consuming (about an hour and half, though if you are not a parent it might take you less time).  I was inspired to do this by all the Evergreen stencils I've seen recently, like these:


To make a Christmas tree like this you need:

Styrofoam Cone
Green Construction Paper
Hot Glue
Sheet Music for Star (optional)

~Take the Styrofoam cone and wrap it tightly with a piece of green paper, making sure it comes to a point. Secure it with hot glue.
 ~Cut lots of 1/4 to 1/2 inch pieces of paper,  making some long and some short. 
~Curl a (long) single piece around a pencil and then slide it off the tip, dabbing the outer end with a drop of glue. Place it on the bottom of the tree:

~You're going to be using the longer pieces pf paper on the bottom and gradually decreasing the length of the paper as you work your way (in circles) up the tree. As you get closer to the top, use a curling tool that is thinner than the pencil to make smaller curls. 
~Make a small star out of sheet music, or what ever you think might work. I am loving the simplicity of sheet music right now. 
It takes a while, but it is totally worth it (in my opinion). I love the look of this curly evergreen. :-)

Ps. While surfing around on the web, I found a cool tutorial for a different kind of curly paper tree....similar to mine in that you use a curling tool and paper. It's adorable!!
Chessies Christmas Trees

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