Friday, February 25, 2011

Where have I been?? Revamping my Bathroom.

This is one of the bathrooms in my house:
It is smallish and oldish and has a stand up shower-ish. We actually use it quite a bit because it is just so accessible (right next to the kitchen) and because our other bathroom is upstairs and we spend most of our time downstairs.....well, it's just not as convenient. 

The downstairs bath has this warped and peeling vinyl that needed to go. We just haven't had the motivation. Well, those days are gone my friend.....a nice little gift card to lowes for Christmas changed all that. :-) We're going to tile the bathroom and repaint the walls and put up some new sheet rock and tile over the shower.  Here are the tile colors:
The larger tiles are for the floor and the white tile will be going above the shower. I have to say: I would not have chosen that brown tile without some serious coercion. Coercion in the form of money.....we don't have a lot of it and this stuff was the cheapest. So, i have to make do with what we've got. After shopping for all of our supplies I picked out some paint to go on the walls. I was so proud of myself. I brought it home and immediately painted the walls (two nice thick coats) and then pulled out a tile from the box as an afterthought to see if it matched........nope. It desperately does not match. 
It came out so much more *peachy* than sandy. It's actual name is Imperial Sands (I've been humming some of the Star Wars marches since I brought the paint home). Back to the drawing board. My hubby said, how about blue?? and I said "................................" 
Blue is not an option on the table. :-) 
Any ideas??

Here's how the bathroom looks now:
Washer and dryer are out and the cement board is down for the most part. We had an unfortunate situation with some, we've got to wait for a plumber before we more further on this project. In the mean time my living room looks like this:
I can promise you that this does nothing for the feng shui of the room.


  1. I can't wait to see this finished project!

  2. calm down crazy lady!
    so, in regards to matching the imperial sand with the tiles.... maybe some hand/footprints from your munchkin in the imperial sand color on the tiles? just a thought...
    good luck!


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