Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs Style

For the longest time before my baby was born, I was convinced I was going to try a homebirth. I had it all laid out in my mind how the labor would go and how I would weather it all like the calm of the storm, cool and confidant. Things changed once I became pregnant and my fears of something going wrong came into the picture. I found I lost that bravery I was so sure I would have. What I  really wanted to have around me was the security of the folks in scrubs. :-) 

That it is definitely one thing people feel when they see the scrub They know they are in good hands. Seeing my nurses around me, aiding me through it all, was such a nice feeling. I will say though, that if I were a nurse, I would jazz up the cotton medical scrubs a tad..... 
How about a hat with a funkalicious pattern??

I think I would have warmed to the nurses even more if I had seen that they were not only talented but had some serious style. I would have such a hard time wearing a uniform if I couldn't make it my own!!
You can find these patterns and more at 

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