Sunday, August 28, 2011

Luxury Pallet Dog Bed

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Now that we have another puppy (I say Puppy....but at 19 weeks old he weight 45 BIG puppy) we need a bigger bed for da doggies. I made Chloe here own special bed HERE out of an old bulb crate. She still LOVES her bed....but Buddy, our new big black lab, is like a boyfriend to her and they would like to sleep together. How inappropriate!!
I decided to accommodate them. :-) 
I took a free pallet from a friend and.....
  cut off a good portion of it. I kept the larger part and sanded all the edges. Then I added those round wooden balls you can find in the wood section at A. C. Moore and gorilla glued them to the corners (top and bottom). I spray painted it white and let dry. 
The bed cushion began with a very soft fabric:
sewn into a giant rectangle with an opening at the end (like you're making a pillow) and then I stuffed it with an old feather blanket. Buddy was a big fan of the I knew it would be a success in the cushion. 
I stuffed the outer shell of the cushion with the blanket but it wasn't thick enough to be real comfy. Then, I had an idea. The old crib mattress!! It was actually the *perfect* size for the pallet. I didn't plan that at all. Once the mattress was stuffed in, with the feather mattress on top of it to give it some extra luxury, I cut come little matching holes on either side of the brown outer blanket and threaded them with long-ish pieces of felt to tie it up with. That was I can just untie the mattress cover to wash it. 
That was it!! Pretty easy. The doggies are thrilled:

They even had a friend over and, being a little older of a dog....she REALLY enjoyed it. Here is Rosie on the bed:

Aw. I am totally content with this bed. And, so are the doggies. :-)

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