Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tropical Storms and Outdoor Concerts

There was a good chance that tonight I was going to see the Zac Brown Band play in Massachusetts with my hubby and some family....but things just didn't work out. Some of my extended family decided to go anyway and watch the band play in this tropical storm moving up the east coast. Now that's and exciting concert.
I can't say it's a concert I would enjoy, though. I would rather be dry and dancing in the moonlight (cue the song) or just the right temperature inside a nice theater. I could kick it old-school and go see Crosby Stills and Nash as the Beacon Theater on the 30th. Or maybe buy some Metropolitan Opera House Tickets. Never actually seen an opera before!! I love listening to them on NPR and trying to imagine what the words mean.
More locally (for me) is the show South Pacific....all you need do is buy some Boston Opera House tickets. On November 25th they even have the Nutcracker starting. YIKES. It's a little too early to be thinking about that.
If you check out Madison Square Garden tickets you'll find you can buy Duran Duran tickets for the 25th of October. :-) In November, you can buy Taylor Swift tickets. I bet she does a good show....I know she gets a lot of flack and also a lot of attention.....personally I think her best skill is her songwriting abilities. She is very capable of connecting with her audience that way.


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