Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"A Lizards Tale" Review

 Is anybody done with their Christmas shopping?? 
I'm totally jealous, if so. I am truly behind this year, mostly because I started a new job working as a librarian. Can you believe it?? I am thrilled with my new job. But, the downside is that I don't have the same kind of time I used to have with my family....let alone time to be out shopping. So, I was so pleased that I got a chance to review a book that could *double* as a Christmas present. By reviewing it, I am working (as a blogger) and getting Christmas presents at the same time. 

Here's the book:

It's an adorable story about a little Anatole lizard named Biz. Told from the pets perspective,  this book helps to enlighten people of all ages to the life of a pet lizard. Biz explains where he came from and where he lives now, in a home with a family. It is an interesting story filled with fun facts about chameleons and the different adventures of Biz around the house that he lives in.  

This book was written by Caroline and Andy Liebenow. For more information about their books click HERE.

As I am planning on gifting this to my Munchkin for Christmas, I can't give you my child's reaction to the story. I can take a very educated guess, however!! The four parts of this story that are mostly likely to intrigue the munchkin are:

1. A Book that can be colored!! That's pretty exciting stuff to be able to do to a book. 
2. Funny anecdotes about the adventures of Biz (from the bee situation to staring at his reflection....this book contains some serious CA-UTE. 
3. Simplistic drawings....sometimes overly ornate illustrations can overhwhelm. 
4. Knowledge of an unusual animal that is told in an interesting way. 

I am really excited to have the Munchkin read and color this fun book!! Be sure to check it out at Amazon HERE

I received a book in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own and written in my own words. 

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