Wednesday, September 16, 2015

European Vacation: Rome, Italy

 Spending a month in Europe is one of those experiences that you can't really summarize with one sentence, or a paragraph, or even a small essay. I took so many photo's while we traveled, it was embarrassing. And, thrilling, because this trip really helped to cement my passion for photography.  I thought I would share some of them with you. I focused a lot on the people and the eccentricities of the different cultures we encountered, because I knew those were the details I would really want to remember. Anyone who visits Rome can get a photo of the Colosseum. I wanted to find the faces that I wouldn't want to forget. 

Like this gypsy woman blowing bubbles with her hands in Villa Borghese. 

 Or, the many lovers:

Musicians practicing in the villa, perhaps for their gig at one of the many piazza's later that night.

Another musician, this time an elderly one, with years of schooling in classical guitar:

Nuns eating gelato. 
I couldn't resist. 

These two felt like a much more real representation of the youth of Rome. 

And, another gypsy in a piazza, arranging his roses to sell to the first tourist he finds. 

More soon of Roma!!


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