Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winners of Your Novel and Guylian!!

Merry Christmas Eve to those of you who celebrate it!!

Here is a little gift from me to two of you.... (I wish I could give one to you all!!!!)

The winner of the Your Novel Giveaway is....
Michelle L.!!  Yay for Michelle!! She has a really fun blog, by the way. 

The winner of the Guylian Giveaway is....



I'll send you both an email right away and give you 8 days to contact me. If you don't contact me within that time frame I'll need to move on to a different winner. Happy Holidays to all of you!!


  1. Woooot! What a cool Christmas present - I'm super excited to have fun with the novel. Thanks so much, Missy! (And happy holidays, too!)

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  4. Thank you for being patient and helping me improve.


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