Friday, January 27, 2012

We Love Winter Walks

Winter walks are the best. 
The latest walk we went on was in search of animal tracks. We'd had a lot of rain the day before, which has melted a lot of snow and make it slushy, then everything froze overnight. It's a good recipe for seeing some tracks. 
Here are some that we found:

 Scat from a meat eating animal....see the hair?
 And yes, I just totally put poop on my blog. 

 Wild Turkey. 

Hold on a sec....I'm going to call a Striped Skunk on these tracks.

Mostly, we just played in the snow and tromped around the field. Buddy was LOVING the adventure. He couldn't stop chasing after Chloe....who was searching for mice in a very serious way. She didn't really appreciate his playful mood.

Chloe was ready to get started on her search.

 Buddy was ready to pounce on Chloe.

 So, he did.

 Chloe kept at it....diligently working to find a mouse. Until Buddy got in the way.

 Don't you just love that ears back, full-of-trouble look he has going on in this picture....
He was just looking for an excuse to run as fast as he could in circles.

We love Winter walks.

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