Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To Make Cake Pops: Guest Post

How to Make Cake Pops
Cake pops are a delightful way to celebrate a special occasion by blending the delicious flavor of cake with the easy accessibility of lollipops. Currently, cake pops are a popular option for providing refreshments at occasions for people of all ages. A large reason for their popularity is how easily the flavors, colors and toppings of cake pops can be altered to appeal to a person’s specific tastes or to the theme of a party. 
Additionally, the process of making cake pops is fun for everyone. The following information will help anyone who is interested in making cake pops get started on making these tasty treats:
Where to Buy Ingredients and Materials 
The cake portion of a cake pop simply requires the same ingredients as a person would need to use when making a cake. This is also true of the icing. Boxed cake and icing mixes can be purchased at a grocery store, or the cake and icing can be made from scratch using basic ingredients from the kitchen. 
Cake pops also will need a chocolate or candy coating. Melting chocolate and dipping chips can be found at craft stores or large family retail chains. In order to present the tops, many people prefer to wrap them in ribbons and fabric from a place such as where fabrics can be found in a variety of patterns and colors to fit the theme of a party.
Basic Cake Pop Instructions 
The first step to making cake pops is to bake a cake and let it cool. Then, the cake should be crumbled and mixed with enough icing to make the cake stick together. Once the cake and icing are mixed, then it will need to be formed into balls that are approximately one inch in diameter. Lollipops should then be placed into the balls. 
The balls should then be cooled in the refrigerator for long enough to get them chilled. Once the balls are cold, then they should be dipped into melted candy coating, and then stood up in foam to allow drying. It is important to avoid lying the cake pops down as it can cause the candy coating to come off of the pop.
Adding Special Touches 
Once the cake pops have been made, finishing touches can be added to make the cake pops even more festive. Chocolate in a contrasting color can be drizzled over the balls, or the cake balls can be rolled in sprinkles before drying. Additionally, different cake and icing mixes can be experimented with to create exotic flavors. For example, a cherry cake mixed with chocolate icing can have a very different flavor from a traditional vanilla cake mix.
When making cake pops for a special event, it is important to experiment with different flavors, sprinkles and fabrics to create a unique effect. Serving cake pops at any type of function is certain to generate excitement while highlighting a person’s culinary creativity.
Contribution provided by Becky W. 

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