Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Marvelous Mess

Well, I wasn't up to any new crafts (at least that I showed you) this week, but I did share some mportant messages:

A Twitter party for Child Passenger Safety Week. Hosted to support the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
So many people have their car seat in the wrong way or are using the wrong seat for their child!!!
Are YOU one of them??
Click HERE to find out!!!!!

Also, I shared with you the Get Ready Get Safe campaign for Save the Children.

You see, my State of Maine failed the Emergency Preparedness test for kids in school and childcare. 
So, I wrote to my Governor and shared it with you!!

Did your state fail (28 states *did*)?
Find out HERE!!
Don't forget to write to your Governor to change your states status. We need to do this for our children!!

Now, you all shared with some awesome projects: 

Here is my fave:

Make Your Own Sushi by Domestic Bliss Squared.
Yum! What a fun project!

Now, on to the party:

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