Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CARD: Best Prepaid Debit Card

I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own!!

I've never tried a prepaid debit card before.....but let me tell you, once I read up on it, it made a lot of sense!

CARD  is a prepaid visa debit card that can do so much.
Listen to this:

~No credit check
~No check cashing fees
~No overdraft fees
~Access to ATMS worldwide
~Free to order, activate, and load
~Free app check deposits from your smartphone
~Free Card to Card transfers from anywhere, in seconds
~Thousands of cool designs to choose from 

I chose this one:
The Rachel Hale Bulldog CARD
The first time I used the card I got a comment on how cute the photo was, and I've gotten other compliments since then. It's really fun to have such a funky card. 

Here are some other designs I would totally love:
I totally missed seeing the Boston Terrier. As IF I didn't get this one!

Can you sense a theme or what? 

I just love those doggies. 

But, the CARD? That was pretty awesome. I can just get my employer to direct deposit right to it. 
The card is free for 30 days and then there is a $5.95 fee per month, but you waive that fee if you direct deposit over $800 within the month!!!

I think you should check it out. It is so easy to pick one out and get started!!

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