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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black Halloween Cat Craft: Mean Kitteh.

Oh NOES!! Mean Kitteh!!
I have to admit, I find a certain hilarity in Lolcats. :-) Don't tell me you don' know you do (even just a bit). So, I named this cat the Mean Kitteh in honor of all those misunderstood kitteh's on teh interwebs. Wanna make him??
  • Feather Mask
  • Thin Styrofoam
  • Black Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Fine Silver Glitter
  • Coffee Filter
  • Hot Glue
  • Flower foam insert
  • My mothers earrings ('re on your own on this one. Maybe your mothers earrings?)
  • Floral Wire
  • Gold Wire
  • White Paper
  • Duco cement
~ Hollow out floral foam (I used a knife and spoon):
~Trim mask like this. Also, cut of the small feathered side pieces (those will go on the tail).
~Using an exacto knife, trim a piece of this foam into the shape of a cat hissing, minus the head. I cut some jagged edges around all the edges.
~Hot glue the larger feathered piece on the back, the smaller pieces on the tail and the floral foam onto the head. Paint them black.
 ~Give them a coat of mod podge and while it's still wet, dust the silver glitter onto every part of it. 
~For the eyes I used some oval shaped metal earrings and some yellow metal for the iris. For the nose, I used another earring piece. I hot glue them onto the face.
~Paint 6 pieces of green floral wire black (with some glitter mixed in). 
~Take a piece if gold wire and make it into a mouth shape. Cut two tiny slivers of white paper to be the sharp teeth. Use some duco cement or something similar to attach them to the face.
~Shape the black floral wires into whiskers and stick them through the floral foam on the head. Hot glue them into place from the inside of the head shape. 
~For the tag, I taped some coffee filter onto some 8x11" printer paper. I found a font I liked and printed out some different versions. Then I trimmed out the one I like with some zig zag scissors. 
~Add a piece of gold wire and hot glue it to the paper. Then stick that wire into the back of the kitteh (sorry kitteh). 
You're Done!!

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