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Friday, September 24, 2010

On a Lake in Maine

This is dock that welcomed us each morning. Here, we would wrap up in blankets and munch on breakfast, listening to the loons and the family of ducks that lived in the cove next to the camp.  We splashed and played, practiced swimming (and relaxing!!). We watched fish and kayaked around. 
The Canada Geese were making their migration and they stopped in for a dip in the Monet-esque lily pads surrounding our camp. It was truly gorgeous!!
The ground around the camp was so lush and mysterious, perfect for a Munchkin looking to make some fairy houses. :-)
I would totally live in one of those fairy houses if I could. What a simple life!!
Here are a few textures I captured from the camp:
And, I hope these next pictures help to capture the charm of the camp.....and how *charmed* we were by the whole vacation.

We were so incredibly lucky enough to go on FOUR water vacations this spring/summer. Each one meant so much to us and provided a great opportunity to branch out and try something new and find a little relaxation. Not only that, but for each vacation we were essentially "unplugged" from technology....and that was the most important factor of all. Though I love the friends I have made from blogging, it is so **necessary** to unplug every now and then. To let nature hold our interest and fulfill our needs for a time. It's so rejuvenating.