Sunday, March 28, 2010


Okay, it's not as bad as the title makes it sound. These Bunnies are not being thrown willy-nilly with their fur afluff in a wild wind....they are merely part of a decoration made to mimic a hurricane glass. But, I got your attention!! Right??
My munchkin and I went on a walk in the woods recently and collected some random beauty in the form of dropped leaves and birch bark. I found this great cylindrical piece of bark, entirely intact. I love it. I also got some great strips of the soft birch paper as well. I sketched some bunnies on the back of the paper, trimmed them out, pasted them onto the cylinder and voila!! The perfect surrounding for a vase. A bunny HURRICANE!!!! AHHHH!!!! (A little drama never hurt anyone.)
Pretty cute, huh?? I get a little overwhelmed by all the cutesy pastel colors that are traditionally used to celebrate Easter/Spring. I like my palette a tad calmer. Not that my house isn't full of muted "tender" me, this place has seen more pastel than a maternity ward. But, I don't necessarily always express myself in pinks and yellows. I love the colors of nature as well.

Speaking of pastels......

Check out my latest curling project. You can see the bunny right?? *fingers crossed*. It's not actually that simple to make a bunny out of paper curls. I had fun with this project too. If you didn't check out my previous Curling attempt go see it here, I have included directions. 
This bunny was pretty straight forward. I used my Marbelized Paper as a background and the only thing that I did different was add some fine glitter to the finished product. I WISH I hadn't put on the green glitter, but, c'est la vie. I do like the gold glitter on the inside of the ears.