Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paint Chip Pointillism

 Alright, I'm no Georges Seurat either. This is my lazy almost-spring-ish day response to his masterpiece of pointillism, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. This little paint chip craft was a lot of fun to do. It's also a painstaking project (well, my estimation of painstaking is anything that doesn't produce immediate results in a few minutes....yeah, I'm not known for my patience). It might not even look like it took me a long time, but it IS a very time consuming craft. And, I didn't even have to mix any paint!!
 Imagine Seurat with his Grand Jatte taking TWO YEARS to perfect. He began this work at the age of 25 in an attempt to prove a scientific **ahem** point ....that painting with dots (known as pointillism) would make a more powerful, striking color than painting with brush strokes. I'm not sure I agree with his premise....but, I love his art. 
So, the simple directions to this craft is to grab some paint chips from your local hardware store (I picked up a variety of spring colors with the help of my Munchkin ), your trusty paper punch, some glue, and some paper and a paintbrush. There are so many things you could do with this craft: cards, picture frames, wall art, you name it. Or, more appropriate, you imagine it. 
I've linked up this post at Everything Etsy, Skip to My Lou, and Today's Creative Blog. Check it out and I promise all the ideas you find there will inspire!!

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  1. WOW...what an awesome idea. This would be a fun project to do with my 7 yr old. Thank you for the inspiration!!

    LOVE your blog colorful!!!!


  2. That does look like a great project...we homeschool! Thanks for joining us today!


  3. Great project. BTW, he's my fav artist. Love his work.

  4. What a lovely project - such a nice idea to recreate a pointilist painting with punched out dots. Hehe, I have a circle punch... Maybe I'll try it out...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment on the Easter Eggorations ;-)


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