Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Friend In Our Midst

This is our new friend, Danny. Not a very appropriate name, but as he has had it for 8 years....I think he'd miss it quite a bit if we tried to change it. :-) If I could, I would name him KaBlooey (after a wool sweater of mine that was mistakenly put in the dryer). He looks remarkably like he's had the same ride as that sweater.  We found him in the local classifieds, looking for a new home because his old one couldn't give him all the attention he seemed to need. He's half traditional persian (which accounts for all the *poof*). He's a great fit for our house....we are giving him all the attention he can handle. The munchkin is overjoyed. :-) He's incredibly friendly and cuddly. And, I imagine he's going to rule our house in no time.
Yup, we've been conquered.

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