Monday, July 12, 2010

Wanna Save Some Money??

I don't know about y'all, but recently I have been on a big money saving spree. I am a Goodwill shopper and a yard sale stopper. I clip my coupons (no foolin') and I do lots of car poolin'. :-)

I just discovered this site where you can find the best coupons for Savings. It's so very WORTH IT!! Especially if you do lots of online shopping. There is also a great selection of printable coupons so that you can march yourself right to the store and use it in person. Check out these Home Depot Discounts. When I saw those coupons I totally had this moment:
Minus the balding Picard, of course. You see, we JUST replaced our old fridge and bought ourselves a new energy star one. Only, if we had done some browsing at, we could have saved %10. **sigh**
Here's a fun one for those of you going to school in the fall (or sending a loved one to school).... how about a coupon code for HP products. Now, THAT could come in handy. Do some browsing on their site and you'll be surprised at all the savings....and it may help you to avoid those pesky *facepalm* moments. :-)

Brought to you by your friends at and endorsed by me because, hey....I like to save money!! Don't you?? This post is a paid advertisement, but it is written in my own words. I don't endorse something unless I appreciate the company or product enough to write a post about it.

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