Monday, August 16, 2010

My Mum

The lady that bore me and gave me those wonderful creative genes happens to be an artist. She was just recently part of an artwalk in our local community. I am so proud of her!! I just had to show you some of her pieces, so that you could be proud of her too.
Bear in mind, she created all of these pieces in a *week*. Now, that's ambition.
She works primarily with oil, however.....growing up I witnessed some pretty crazy creations in our house: clay goddesses (from clay off our land), papier mache dinsosaurs big enough to ride on, and flower paintings that were wall-sized. She raised four kids. In between basketball practices and playdates she perfected the art of painting. I'm very proud of my mother's art....can you tell?? Truly, these pictures only touch the surface, you would be so impressed to see them in reality. 
Pretty amazing, huh? If you would like more information about my incredible mom and her incredible art.... Just write me a note:


  1. How fun to have a talented Mom. My Mom is talented too. It is definitely a blessing.

    I am amazed by people who can paint though!! That is something I can't do (nor my Mom).

    I love the idea of a giant paper-mache dinosaur!!

  2. Fabulous! I've only done oils a couple of times - I kept rubbing my hand on the painting! I'll stick to acrylics. But I love your mom's work!

    Also glad to see you're getting sponsors. I've been thinking about doing the same. Good luck!


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