Saturday, October 9, 2010

Costume Supercenter: Light-Up Fairy Costume Review

It is **definitely** that time of year. :-)
I was given a chance to review a costume for the Costume Supercenter!!!! This gave me the perfect excuse for not making my munchkins outfit this year, as my sewing skills are lacking in so many usually takes me quite a while to put the whole ensemble together. Last year I made a really fun ladybug costume, which just barely fit her when all was said and done. No, she did not grow unexpectedly in the week it took me to make it....I just don't really measure very well. Or, at all. :-)
She chose the adorable Light Up Fairy costume above out of the KAJILLION options on the site. Seriously, they have a lot of outfits. We had a great time looking through all the categories. It was pretty overwhelming for her to see all the options and make an actual decision. I would recommend perusing the site with your child *only* if they have a basic idea of what they want to wear in mind. Otherwise, you could be there a loooooooong time.
The costume arrived in great condition. It is good quality fabric, not something that tears easily. The colors and textures are great, the skirt is poofy and any girl would want it to be. The LED lights on the skirt are not functioning very well currently, which is something that is Costume Supercenter is working with me to may just be that this particular skirt happened to have a flaw, either way I expect the issue to be resolved soon. As is stands, they offer a free exchange or return on any costume that arrives that is the wrong size, damaged, or something you would like to exchange for another product.
This fairy costume was just one of MANY. Look HERE to see the many other options. They offer adult costumes as well. Girls costumes, Boys, Teens, tots, and plenty of accessories.Plus sizes are in good quantity too!! All in all, the Costume Supercenter is totally stocked in anything you might need to get all dressed up for Halloween!!

You can Find Costume Supercenter:
Website: Costume Supercenter
Facebook: Costume Supercenter
Twitter: Costume Supercenter


  1. very unique, bet she will win a prize. I just got Tiana from Princess and the Frog. Hope you get the lights working, this company has great customer service

  2. I love the light-up aspect to this outfit - looks like costume superstore has tons of othe roptions, though!

  3. I think costumes that light up are great, especially for kids who go out after dark

  4. What a cute outfit.. I bet the lights will give it lots of attention. will go have to check them out, I still need something for DD and I usually make hers, too, but too busy this year...

  5. They have such cute costumes for kids these days. I think the ones we had when I was younger were boring!

  6. It's so pretty. I love how it lights up.

  7. How cute! And it lights up too? How awesome! Costume Super Center has EVERYTHING!

  8. Costumes have come so far from when we were kids... That's a great one !

  9. Light up costumes look like so much fun! I wish they had fun stuff like that for boys!

  10. Adorable! I bought my toddlers costume on clearance last year, but next year I am hoping to get her a cute fairy costume too!


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