Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sheet Music Christmas Wreath

I'm in love with sheet music nowadays. I'm sorry, I just can't help myself. There is no project a little sheet music couldn't improve and I challenge you to find one. :-) Seriously, though....take me up on this challenge and I'll do my best to prove you wrong and me right. Because that is the natural way of're wrong and I'm right. Right? Right. ;-)

This project was pure "kitchen dinner craftiness". While my Munchkin munched, I chatted and crafted and came up with something strange. Here's the run-down:
You Need:
Sheet music 
Hot glue
Felt (brown and red)
Green Ribbon
Wicker wreath
Red button

~Cut the paper into long strips and trim them to look like this:
~One by one, attach each piece to the wreath frame by hot gluing under the front edge, wrapping the paper around the frame (making sure not to expose any of the wreath-keep it fairly tight) and hot glue the end in place. Do this with all the pieces of paper until the wreath is completely covered. 

~Cut some brown felt to resemble twigs and hot glue them into place. You don't need to cover every surface of the felt with glue....a couple of well placed dots should do the trick. 
~Cut red circles of felt into berries and hot glue them to the felt sticks.
~To make the evergreen ribbon detail.....use one long piece of ribbon and cut lots of small pieces of the same ribbon as well. Hot glue each smaller piece to the longer one, aiming them upward like an arrow tip. Hot glue the evergreen boughs to the wreath as well.
~Glue a piece of burlap into a circle and stick it on the middle, between the boughs. Hot glue a red button to the center of the burlap. 


Kinda funky, as always!!
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  1. moss monsters. i dare you to combine moss monsters and sheet music.
    go to it.

  2. Ooh, that is so, so pretty! I love how the cut sheet music looks like leaves.

  3. Love its idea! I think I might just have to make one!

  4. I love your TA DAAAAAAA wreath you make it look so easy.
    I also love sheet music for crafts.

    I'll be back

  5. Nice idea, thanks for sharing the creative inspiration, it does look fab


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