Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Molasses Spice Christmas Cookies

Guest post written by Roberta Stiles
The holiday office party is coming up and I'm just really relieved that I don't have to do all the planning for it like I did last year. Sometimes I kind of wish that our office parties were as exciting on the ones as "The Office" but I am glad that they don't have nearly as much drama as the ones on TV.
But I do have to bring some kind of food to the Christmas party, so I was online a few nights ago looking up recipes for what I could make. When I was doing that I randomly came across the website clearwirelessinternet4g.com and after looking through it some, decided to order an internet package from it.
the recipe that I'm pretty sure I'm going to make is this molasses spice cookie recipe. It sounds pretty neat and I think it would be much better than plain old sugar cookies or brownies, which I'm sure someone else will definitely bring. I don't want to be remembered until next year as the person who brought duplicate desserts to the Christmas party.

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