Monday, December 20, 2010

CSN Boston Terrier Toy and Dinosaur Magnets Review

Now that we have our very own Boston Terrier, the munchkin decided we needed a toy terrier as well. For added play benefit. Little does Munchkin know.....our real terrier is going to *devour* our toy Boston as soon as she sees him. Here is our real Boston Terrier, Chloe:
And, here is the toy we bought from CSN Stores.

Soooooooooooooo Cute, right?? I am totally thrilled with this little stuffed Boston. Not only was he a good price ($21.98) but he is pretty darn tall too, at 21 inches.  He is incredibly durable and huggable. Munchkin is going to flip. :-) They've got plenty of other breeds on CSN too....a black lab, a springer spaniel, a boxer, or many others kinds. It's the perfect gift for a dog lover of any age!!

The next present I found at CSN Stores for Munchkin, was along a theme that we've held strongly this year. Dinosaurs. Oh boy are we in the Dino Zone right now. :-) So, I found a great toy for Munchkin to play with while I busy in the kitchen.....Dino Magnets!!

This set comes with 20 pieces!! They are nicely sized (not tiny) and quite heavy duty. I've found that magnets are the one toy in my house that all the kids who visit can agree on....they are the best. Everyone wants to play with them. And, seriously......Dinosaur magnets?!?!? I might just play too. :-) 

I am such a fan of CSN stores. I always find what I am looking for!!
If you're looking for CSN Stores you can find them here:

I received product from CSN Stores for the purpose of review. All opinions in this post are entirely my own and completely honest....I stand by my word!! :-)


  1. WOW They do look a like! Great find. The puzzle lloks like a great gift idea as well

  2. Looks like a fun time at your house!
    I am waiting for the UPS driver today to bring my CSN purchase. If he gets here before the snow I am hoping he'll bring my lage, heavy box (nothing glamorous) to the back door.
    (Yup - something for the pets)

  3. How fun! I love shopping at CSN and have reviewed them many times also - they have everything!

  4. Definitely Identical- What a cutie! The puzzle looks like fun. Great toys! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. those dino-magnets are too cool! my son is 3 & dinosaurs are so the 'it-thing' of the age :) lol great to see that CSN has such a great variety of toys!

  6. OMG I am loving that stuffy. I know what I am getting from them very soon. We have a bday coming up in March and I hear is puppy puppy. I think this will do it.

  7. That little dog is adorable. My girls would love a twin like that. Nice find!

  8. So looks like a real dog! What a great toy for your dog.


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