Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Puplight Review

Here's a really handy product for you AND your pet. It is called the Puplight. The purpose of the Puplight is to illuminate the way for the dog, allow the owner (and other people/drivers) to see the dog, and even to help ward off wild animals!! Here is a complete rundown of the benfits the Puplight website has listed:
  • Keeps Both You and Your Dog Safe Since It Allows Drivers to See You at Night
  • Convenient, Provides Illumination So You Don't Need To Carry a Flashlight
  • Allows You To See Where Your Stepping and What Your Dog's Getting Into
  • Makes You Feel Safer At Night Since You Are More Visible
  • Allows You to See Your Dog When He's Outside Your House at Night
  • Helps You Locate Your Dog If It Runs Off and Keeps It Safe From Cars If It Does
  • Extends the Amount of Time You and Your Dog Can Safely Walk
  • Helps dogs with poor vision see better
  • New, Unique, Makes a Great Gift !!!  

After my experience with the puplight, I can tell you I agree with every one of those benefits. I have a new puppy and I live in the city....we go for a lot of walks and now that the day is so short, a lot of those walks happen at night. This gives us a huge advantage: we can take a longer walk AND we can feel safe while doing it. 
Another benefit I find particularly helpful is being able to see what your dog is getting into. You see,  my puppy corprophagia. Do you know what that means?? From time to time, she eats her own poop. Most puppies do it at some point. It's totally gross. Chloe started this habit right after we first brought her home. I was letting her explore the house and she just "happened" to poop in my Munchkins room. I walked back into the room to see what she was doing and when I saw the poop I got the Mad Face. You know the face?? Well, my Mad Face gave her so much guilt and anxiety that she ran straight for that wayward poop, dropped her lower jaw down like a front end loader and scooped that poop with one fell swoop and swallowed it whole (though, would you *want* to chew poop??You know, give it the old 30 chomps recommended? Probably not). Then she looked at me like, "There Mom, you didn't see nuthin'". Bottom line: I was totally grossed out. It has happened a few other times and it is always when we're outside in her potty area and I turn my head for a second and in that moment she scoops the poop and it is GONE. Grossness. Long story short.......this puplight lets me see what she is up to when I take her out to go potty at night time. Now I have the upper hand (or paw).
I also let my father borrow the Puplight to give it a try on his aging Airdale, Harvey. It was a little tougher for Harv to understand the method behind it. You see, Harvey had a hard time getting over the fact that the light stayed on and went with him wherever he went. He (in his mind) was bringing daylight everywhere. He couldn't understand it. He spent a great deal of time with the Puplight on just *staring* at the ground trying to fathom it all. Deep thoughts. Never the less, we are going to keep trying because Harv is very active outside at night and he also is losing his eyesight, so this could be a BIG help to him. 

Ultimately, I found this light to be really handy on so many levels. I know you will too. This is the perfect holiday gift for the dog lover.....or the dog lovers best friend. ;-)

You can find Puplight at your local Petco store or at Cabelas (in store or online). 
Or buy it from the website online HERE

Find them on FACEBOOK as well!!


  1. Oh, my MIL would just love that since she has a little dog and they always take her outside to do her little stuff. This will definitely help drivers and so on to see the dog. This will keep them both safe. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. It seems like a great product to have if you like taking your dog out for walks in the evening-especially now that it gets dark so early.

  3. What a unique idea! I can see how this would be very useful. And I'm cracking up at poor Harvey the dog trying to figure out how he summoned a patch of daylight!! LOL!

  4. LOL...great review with some great personal moments! Altho I would love to have this when I walk my dogs at night!

  5. okay eating poop is just the grossest thing! lol but this sounds like a great little product, I can't believe every dog owner doesn't have one! we used to tie our dog up but now that we have a fence she roams to all the dark corners and since she's brown it's hard to find her! plus it gets dark so early now we are always walking her at night. it sounds great!

  6. oh, yeah, my airdale could use one of these, what a beast that boy is. he is into everything, but he's a sweetie too! so, anything to keep him safe, healthy and happy!


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