Monday, December 13, 2010

Using My Quilting Skills for Christmas Ornaments

Guest post written by Esther Norman

My mother taught me how to quilt way back when and I think that ever since then I've constantly been working on one quilting project or another. But right now the project that I'm working on is making some quilted Christmas ornaments to give to my family and friends as Christmas gifts.
I was trying to get some ideas for a new quilting holidays project by looking at a lot of arts and crafts blogs with our Clear tv bundle. I wanted to do something that was a smaller project because I've been doing all kinds of other holiday projects and things like that, so taking on an entire quilt wasn't what I wanted to do.
I found the quilted ornament idea and knew that that was exactly what I had in mind to do. I'm working on a couple of different ones and it really isn't taking hardly any time to do each of them. I'm giving them as something a little extra in the gifts that I was already going to give.

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