Friday, February 4, 2011

Nu Skin ageLOC Transformation Review

I am a really lucky gal for getting a chance to review this product. Now, bear in mind, I'm only 30....but I am truly noticing a difference in the anti-aging properties of the ageLOC Transformation formula!! I have noticed more even skin tone, softer and more supple skin, less discoloration in my skin, a definite reduction in pore size, and great increase in hydration.

The Transformation Set Includes:

ageLOC Gentle Cleanse & Tone
ageLOC Radiant Day SPF 22
ageLOC Transforming Night
ageLOC Future Serum

Nu Skin totes this set to be, "a powerful lineup of four products, ageLOC™ Transformation is our most advanced anti-aging system ever, delivering unsurpassed anti-aging benefits. This complete and comprehensive skin care system cleanses, purifies, renews, moisturizes, and reveals younger looking skin in eight ways." 
Those Eight Ways are:
(I've highlighted the ways I felt the most) 

1.Youthful skin structure 
2. Smooth skin texture 
3. Even skin tone 
4. Reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles
5. Radiant skin 
6. Reduced appearance of pore size
7. Reduced skin discoloration 
8. Hydrated skin
Now, I'm not saying I didn't get benefits from the #'s 1 & 4.......but, starting out fairly young *ahem* I didn't really have many problems with wrinkles and lines. And, I think of my skin as still youthful. But, I have no doubt that this product will have a positive effect on anyone looking to solve those kinds of trouble spots. I've used other high end facial products before and of all the different varieties, I have seen the best results and been the most pleased with this brand.

Of the four products that come in the Transformation set, I am particularly fond of the Future Serum. Boy, you can feel and see that product working the second you put it on. If you can only afford to get one item of the ageLOC Transformation set....make it the serum, that product is fantastic!!

If you want to learn more about Nu Skin and their fantastic line of skin care products you can find them here:

~Disclaimer: I received this product for the purpose of a review. All opinions in this post are my own. ~