Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring's Sprung

Well, FINALLY, Spring is in full swing around here!! I love watching the perennials poke up out of the earth and start filling out the garden space. Every day, I check to see what else is new in the garden. I've put a lot work into those beds and this year I can finally see the results. Yay!! I meant to start seedlings this late winter/spring.....but honestly we were just so busy. I've got some just beginning their true leaves in the windowsill....even though my timing is late, I can still use the seedlings and dirt as a fun teaching tool for the munchkin. :-)
Don't ya just love the strange symbiotic relationship between ants and peonies? Some people believe that the peonies produce a particular nectar that is incredibly sweet for the ants and as the ant licks off the nectar holding the leaves shut, the leaves open and the flower blooms.

Not only are plants blossoming this time of year, are young adults:

Isn't that a sweet graduation announcement rom Shutterfly?
I lucked out this past Christmas and got to work with Shutterfly for my Christmas cards. They turned out spectacular!! I totally recommend them for any of your photo stationary needs.
Hey, while your sending out those graduation announcements how about you go shopping for a personalized gift for the proud student:

You could get them a personalized notebook with photos of family and friends for when they go off to college!! Another great gift for a Graduate would be a photo book. I know from experience, as I am sure you do, that being far from home, family, and friends can be really especially in the beginning of that transition there is nothing like looking through pictures of your loved ones to help center you.

You can customize a photo book to be just the way you like.....or Shutterfly can make it really simple and do it for you. Sounds perfect to me!!

So, there are some ideas to think about. I have some graduates in my life right now and I know that perusing through the Shutterfly site gave me some good ideas. As a side note, if you are a blogger you can work with Shutterfly too.... Sign Up for a chance at a free photo book!!

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