Thursday, September 29, 2011

Colder weather = Knitting

When the leaves start changing colors around here I think there is a switch that goes off in my mind that tells me it's time to think knitting. I can only seem to knit in colder temperatures....luckily Maine abounds with them. :-) A fantastic bonus of becoming a knitter is going into a yarn shop. The textures and colors, the coziness and the friendliness are so welcoming. Now, if you don't have a local place to buy wool yarn you could try going to a wool shop online.

Wool and the Gang is a really fun online shop that features some gorgeous Peruvian wool. I would LOVE to work with this stuff!! Take a look at these gorgeous colors:
And, there are plenty more colors and sizes (from chunky to thin) where these came from. 
Just cause the weather is cold doesn't mean you have to make bland color choices in clothing!!

A fantastic feature of the Wool and The Gang site is a page dedicated entirely to tutorials. Love it!! Trust me, as a novice in the fiber arts, I can tell you that those little videos are SO handy. You'll find yourself going back there over and over again.

At Wool And The Gang you can get anything from a ball of yarn to clothing kits you create yourself to get you started.....and if you would rather leave the knitting to someone with more patience, you can find some fantastic knit clothing there as well.

This article was sponsored by the site Wool And The Gang. All the words and opinions in the post are entirely my own.

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  1. I enjoy knitting only when it is cold. I have started knitting. Have fun with your projects.


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