Friday, September 23, 2011

Reading Tea Leaves

It's in my family to read tea leaves. My great grandmother could do it. Obviously, I was inspired at an early age to do some reading myself. I am totally loving my leopard pants and dirty socks in this picture....the dress my friend was wearing was one of my mothers and *coveted* by any girl who stayed at the house. It was way more gypsy than my costume.....then again.....that was probably just what I was wearing that day. :-) We were pretty retro back then.

Now, there are plenty of way to try and get your fortune read to you. Reading tea leaves is officially called Tasseography. If you would like to try to read your own tea leaves here is a basic guide:

~Make a cup of coffee with loose tea leaves.
~Drink the cup and leave a little liquid in the bottom to swirl the leaves around. 
~Swirl the last of the tea around and then drain the rest of the liquid. 
~Take a minute to focus your mind and look carefully for patterns in the tea leaves. 

Go HERE for a list of symbols and their meanings. Symbols close together are usually grouped to make a prediction.

Tea leaf reading probably originated in China, as tea was not introduced until the 1600's by Dutch traders. In some places, Turkish coffee has been used to read fortunes (with the same rules applying....drain the cup and swish the last bits around).  Other way to figure out your fortune include: tarot cards, numerology, melted wax readings, scrying (as in the picture above), astrology, augury....this list could go on for quite a while. One form of fortune telling that I have seen all my life is palmistry:
For more information on palmistry check out THIS site.

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