Friday, October 7, 2011

Green Works Product Review

I used to clean houses. Not the best job in the world really, though it pays well depending on where you're working and with whom. The problem for me (besides the fact that there is no glory in cleaning other people's toilets) was the worry of being around all of the fumes from the cleaning supplies. You've got to take a lot of precautions....and sometimes you just don't have time for that when you've got another house to clean in an hour. So, I skimped here and there on being in ventilated rooms....and I paid for it by getting very light headed on occasion. You know that's not a good thing.  In fact it's a pretty bad thing. Wish is why I wish so many more of clients stocked Green Works products in their cleaning supplies. 
Green works products are responsibly made (no animal testing) and use biodegradable ingredients. They are also packaged in sustainable materials when able. These plant and mineral-based cleaning products are recognized by the Natural Products Association, the Sierra Club, and the Design for the Environment program. 
I was given several cleaning products to review and I was really happy with all of them. Here's the run down of the list:

All Purpose Cleaner: You won't believe it, but the top secret cleaning ingredient in this cleaning agent is coconut!! You can use this product on just about anything from the kitchen to the bathroom. I found it to be completely usefully and quite comparable to any other all purpose cleaner. But, no fumes!!
Compostable Cleaning Wipes: These cleaning wipes are made from 100% tree based fibers and can actually be composted!! Once again, the use of coconut as a cleaning agent. I was totally thrilled with these wipes...totally handy and *stress free*. Plus, we DO compost in this house and it's such a plus to be able to compost these. 
Bathroom Cleaner: This cleaner is made of coconut and citric acid (for softening hard water to help it lather). I love that they've made a bathroom cleaner that is healthier for the whole family. I will say, of all the products, this one didn't perform better than a cleaner like, say, Scrubbing Bubbles. Because it doesn't have the incredibly harsh chemicals working for it. To make this cleaner work as well as the others, you've got to put a little more arm muscle in there. When it comes to picking a cleaner that uses toxic chemicals to get the job done or a cleaner that you need to put a little more muscle effort into the cleaning but it's *fume free*....I'll pick the fume free every time. This is my family's health we're talking about.
Laundry Detergent: This detergent has boric acid to help break down protein based stains and enzymes to help naturally break down soils and stains. I tend to use the dye free or sensitive skin type detergents and this one compares very well. No noticeable difference in my book!!

You can find Green Works products online at Amazon or Walmart or you can find them in many local stores around you. Go HERE to do a search for stores that supply Green Works near you!!

You can also find Green Works on

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