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Friday, October 7, 2011

Green Works Product Review

I used to clean houses. Not the best job in the world really, though it pays well depending on where you're working and with whom. The problem for me (besides the fact that there is no glory in cleaning other people's toilets) was the worry of being around all of the fumes from the cleaning supplies. You've got to take a lot of precautions....and sometimes you just don't have time for that when you've got another house to clean in an hour. So, I skimped here and there on being in ventilated rooms....and I paid for it by getting very light headed on occasion. You know that's not a good thing.  In fact it's a pretty bad thing. Wish is why I wish so many more of clients stocked Green Works products in their cleaning supplies. 
Green works products are responsibly made (no animal testing) and use biodegradable ingredients. They are also packaged in sustainable materials when able. These plant and mineral-based cleaning products are recognized by the Natural Products Association, the Sierra Club, and the Design for the Environment program. 
I was given several cleaning products to review and I was really happy with all of them. Here's the run down of the list:

All Purpose Cleaner: You won't believe it, but the top secret cleaning ingredient in this cleaning agent is coconut!! You can use this product on just about anything from the kitchen to the bathroom. I found it to be completely usefully and quite comparable to any other all purpose cleaner. But, no fumes!!
Compostable Cleaning Wipes: These cleaning wipes are made from 100% tree based fibers and can actually be composted!! Once again, the use of coconut as a cleaning agent. I was totally thrilled with these wipes...totally handy and *stress free*. Plus, we DO compost in this house and it's such a plus to be able to compost these. 
Bathroom Cleaner: This cleaner is made of coconut and citric acid (for softening hard water to help it lather). I love that they've made a bathroom cleaner that is healthier for the whole family. I will say, of all the products, this one didn't perform better than a cleaner like, say, Scrubbing Bubbles. Because it doesn't have the incredibly harsh chemicals working for it. To make this cleaner work as well as the others, you've got to put a little more arm muscle in there. When it comes to picking a cleaner that uses toxic chemicals to get the job done or a cleaner that you need to put a little more muscle effort into the cleaning but it's *fume free*....I'll pick the fume free every time. This is my family's health we're talking about.
Laundry Detergent: This detergent has boric acid to help break down protein based stains and enzymes to help naturally break down soils and stains. I tend to use the dye free or sensitive skin type detergents and this one compares very well. No noticeable difference in my book!!

You can find Green Works products online at Amazon or Walmart or you can find them in many local stores around you. Go HERE to do a search for stores that supply Green Works near you!!

You can also find Green Works on

Thursday, October 21, 2010

StaphAseptic Review and Giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to review StaphAseptic, an "antibiotic free" first aid antiseptic. StaphAseptic  kills 99.9% of antibiotic resistant staph (MRSA). Staph infections, once only an occurrence at hospitals, are now becoming more common outside of the health care community and have made their place in the general population. Parents, schools, and sports teams need to be aware of the dangers of staph infection.
"Staph" are bacteria carried on the skin or nose of healthy people. Around 30-50% of us are colonized with Staph bacteria that is not causing an infection. There are, however, new staph bacteria that have mutated and become resistant to antibiotics, therefore much  harder to treat: some infections can cause pneumonia, bloodstream infections, or even death. It is these bacteria (MRSA) that this product helps to prevent. StaphAseptic provides advance wound care for cuts, scrapes, and burns and helps to prevent skin infections caused by MRSA, staph, strep and other germs. StaphAseptic does not treat or cure an exisiting infection, it is preventative only. If you think you may have a skin infection, contact your doctor immediately.

I chose this review because of the multitude of cases I have heard in the news about Staph infections and how they are becoming a much more regular occurance. With the Munchkin in school, I am taking more precautions with my families health.
Here are some tips to help prevent MRSA Staph infections (along with the use of this product):
  • Treat and cover wounds
  • Properly clean gear and equipment
  • Don't share personal items (like towels)
  • Keep hands clean
  • Shower after physical activity
  • Consult your physician/trainer for all active wounds
There is concern that antibiotic resistance could continue to develop to the point where some bacteria are resistant to all antibiotics. Doctors are now being encouraged not to prescribe antibiotics for viral infections and to insist that the patient finish the complete dosage for the anitbiotic, not ending it early if the symptoms are gone.

My Take on the Product:
I love the fact that the antiseptic is antibiotic free. And, most importantly, I love that is takes preventative measures against Staph infections. Stories of staph infections have been beeping more and more on my mommy radar, and I am so glad to have a product (and some great tips) to help ease my mind a bit.

I'd love to share this product with you as well!! I know we'll be using it. So, if you would like to enter for a chance to win a tube of StaphAseptic, go to the site here and come back here to leave me a comment about something that you learned!!
This giveaway ends Thursday, October 28th, at Midnight EST.

I received product from StaphAseptic for the purpose of a review and giveaway. All opinions in this review are my own. As with any medical product, you should always consult your doctor first. 

      Friday, October 1, 2010

      Eco Store Review

      Do you worry about the chemicals in your cleaning supplies and body products?? I do.  I worry about the health of my body and my families bodies and I am concerned about the air that we are breathing when we use harsh products . But, my wallet doesn't have an unending supply of dollar bills....and that is a concern as well. 
      I recently got a chance to review EcoSTORE. What an incredibly company!! They provide a large range of household cleaning products as well as body and baby care products too!! Their products are plant and mineral based and **free** of toxic chemicals. Yipee!! To top it all off, their prices are more than comparable to every other "natural" product out there. In fact, they recently reduced much of their prices by 30%. 
      The first product I'd like to tell you about is the Orange and Patchouli Body Wash. Of the two ecoSTORE products I received, this one was my favorite. It has such an incredible earthy scent, perfect for Autumn and the coming holiday season. Pair that with the fact that it produces a great lather and cleans wonderfully as well as keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth for the rest of the day. I am thrilled with this body wash.
      The other product I received was this wonderful Baby Moisturizer. I have been truly pleased with this product as well, though, I can admit that I am not the one primarily using it. When it is on my skin it is so light and soft. I don't know about you, but when I use a lotion that is light on the usually doesn't last very long or work very well. This lotion, however, does a really nice job of protecting and moisturizing skin for a much longer period of time. The scent is very light and pleasing as well; a nice combination of eucalyptus, lavender, and geranium.  I won't tell you that it's the best working lotion I've ever used....but, if you take into account that it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, I think it surpasses the competition.

      I was truly pleased with both products (as I am sure you can tell). I definitely recommend them both to you!! Furthermore, I recommend further reading, provided by ecoSTORE on the effect of traditional *harsh* chemical cleaning and beauty products. Here is quick snippet of important info to consider when shopping for products:
      • According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers accidental poisonings occur in the home every 30 seconds.
      • The National Safety Council has reported that more children under four die of from accidental poisoning than are killed by guns.
      • A report by the EPA to Congress determined household cleaners three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air pollution.
      • Women who work from home and are more frequently exposed to household toxins and poor air quality are 50% more likely to develop cancer.
      • Newborn infants have trace levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies, passed on by their mother’s exposure.
      Visit ecoSTORE and make a difference in the health of your family!!
      You can find ecoSTORE Here:
      Twitter: Ecostoreusa
      Facebook: Ecostoreusa

      ~I received product from Ecostore for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed in it are my own. I am a woman of my word....if I do not like something, you will know it!! :-)

      Wednesday, September 15, 2010

      Lindo Twist n' Roll Review

       Here's a new "twist" on an old problem....the Lindo Twist and Roll tweezers. This product gets the tweezing job done in *bulk* and fast. I know when I am using regular tweezers I am constantly dreading that tug and pull....and it seems it lasts forever until the job is finally done. With the Twist and Roll, you just place it on your skin in a U shape and with a simple turning of the handles the tweezers just pluck a whole bunch of hairs all at once. To see the tweezers in action check out this PAGE.

      The Good:
      • It does it's job remarkably fast, saving you lots of time to do other more time-worthy projects. Like crafting, yay!!
      • It's inexpensive: $14.99 on sale right now!!
      • It reduces the pain level in minutes, by getting it so much more done in one roll, instead of constant pluck, pluck, plucking. 
      • It does a great job and gets hairs that might be too small or too light to see and are easily missed with conventional tweezing.
      The Not-So Good:
      • You're still pulling hairs out of your head, no matter how you "twist" it. But, oh, the price of superficial beauty, right?? 
      • Those simple little rolls can be painful (there's a lot of little hairs getting yanked). But, I say it's better to complete the project fast. 
       Ultimately, I'm a big fan of the Twist and Roll. It works perfectly with me: I don't have a lot of time during the day and I don't really have the patience for conventional tweezing. 
      If you want to learn more about the Twist and Roll or would like to purchase one, you can find them here:
      Lindo Twist and Roll

      Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I am a woman of my word....if I don't like something, you'll know it!! :-)

      Sunday, September 12, 2010

      Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo Review

      It's time to put all my cards on the table:
        I don't wash my hair everyday.

      I'm a mom. I'm a crafter. And, let's face it....quite often I have other things I'd rather be doing. But, I do like the look and feel of a clean head of hair. So, I was intrigued by the product by Salon Grafix: Invisible Dry Shampoo.
      I just received it in the mail the other day and it happened to be on a day where I hadn't washed my hair yet. So, I gave it a try. Now, I lean towards the hippie end of the spectrum when it comes to beauty, take that into account when you hear what a have to say.

      The Good:
      It worked!! My dirty tresses looked markedly cleaner after some liberal spraying of the product. It's smell isn't overpowering, in fact for the ingredients involved in the making of it....its quite amazing. There were no residues, only a slightly stiff feeling to my hair once it dried. No more stiff than if I used some mousse.

      The Not-So-Good:
      The first ingredient is butane. Then alcohol. Next is propane. Get the picture?? Holy cow, let me tell you....I was so very KEENLY aware of anything that might spark or start a flame in my presence. I know, that sounds dramatic.... but, with all that in my hair I was being extra cautious. Now, to be fair, I just looked up the ingredients in regular hairspray and it is right along the same lines. Very flammable. So, if you choose to use this product, be aware and take precautions. I would advise you against any hot air ballon trips.  The only other thing I might mention is that my skin where I sprayed was pretty warm and sore for a bit afterward....which is probably due to the chemicals and the fact that I don't use much hair product. I have naturally sensitive skin. 

      Bottom line: 
      This product is a great fit for those of you who are used to using these types of products on your hair/skin and who are looking for a simple way to clean their hair without the use of a shower. It does it's job well, if just a tad intensely.
      I hope this review helped you to understand the product a bit better. I did receive product in compensation for this review. The review is written entirely in my own words, with my own opinon behind them. I am a woman of my word, and if I don't like'll know!!

      Friday, September 3, 2010

      Evora Plus Review and Giveaway!!!!

      Do you whiten your teeth?? I had always considered it, but I have got such *sensitive* teeth that I worried that I would really hurt them with all those harsh chemicals. Well, I just recently got a chance to review Evora Plus, a new Probiotic mint that naturally freshens breath, supports healthy teeth and gums, and naturally whitens teeth.  And, let me tell you I am PLEASED!! Not only have my teeth whitened at least a shade, but my mouth is feeling a lot healthier in general. Yippee!!

      You've probably heard about probiotics. I've been seeing them in the news everywhere from their aid in digestive ailments to improving colic in young babies. The idea behind the Evora plus mint is that the probiotics it contains actually attack the bad bacteria in your mouth, under the gum line, on the tongue, etc. And, a happy by-product of the mint is a low level of hydrogen peroxide which helps to naturally whiten teeth slowly over time without the need for high doses.

      You have really got to try this mint. So, with the help of Evora Plus, I am doing a giveaway!! The winner will receive a months worth of mints, and believe's amazing what this product can do in that kind of time!!

      Here's how it works:
       (Make sure to leave a comment for each type of entry you do!!!!)

      ~Leave a Comment (one entry) 
      ~Follow Marvelously Messy (one entry)
      ~Follow Evora Plus on Facebook (one entry)
      ~Follow Evora Plus on Twitter (one entry)

      The Giveaway ends on September 10th!!
      Open to US and Canada Residents ONLY

      Disclosure: For the purpose of this review and giveaway I was provided with product from Evora Plus. The review is written in my own words and entirely in my own opinion. I am a woman of my word (sometimes **too** many words, I have been told)....If I don't like something you will know it, promise!! :-)

      Tuesday, August 31, 2010

      KidKraft 2 in 1 Lego Table Review

      For my Munchkins birthday, I chose something that I knew would last for years (in interest and durability). It's this incredibly fun 2 in 1 Lego Table!!!!
      If you are not familiar with Kidkraft, I can tell you that they make some very fun and **sturdy** children's toys and furniture. I was really pleased that I found them on CSN. Well, of course I found them there....CSN has over 200 stores to choose from for products. You can find just about anything there!! 
      Enough gushing (though, it's true) Let's get on to the review:

      ~Table comes with a reversible top. One side is built for Legos and the other is for trains. 
      ~Includes a 30 piece train set.
      ~Also, a 200 piece "Lego-compatible" block set.
      ~Built in storage below the tabletop.
      ~120 day replacement warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

      Here's What I Liked:
      • Made of wood
      • Plenty of storage
      • Reversible Top
      • Comes with plenty of Lego pieces and train activity pieces
      • Other wooden trains fit the standard size tracks
      • Rounded legs are easy on wood floors

      What Needs Some Work:
      • Standard Lego's are not as compatible as advertised, some bending and pushing were needed to make pieces fit....and sometimes they just popped off. The blocks that came with the table fit fine. My husbands Lego's from the 80's are not incredibly compatible. Maybe it's just the age of his blocks??
      • The magnets in the trains are not very powerful. They don't hold onto each other that well.

      Honestly, I'd say the good easily outweighs the bad on this product. Both sides of the activity table are getting good use and I know it will hold the Munchkins interest for years. Lego's never get old (as evidenced by my husbands 25 year old collection resurfacing). :-) 

      If you would like to buy this product at CSN, click HERE!!!!

      Find CSN on 

      ~I was provided with product from CSN Stores for the purpose of this review. This review is written entirely in my own words and with my complete support behind it. I am a woman of my word (sometimes, I've been told, **too** many words) and I will only write what I believe in. 

      Sunday, August 22, 2010

      California Blooms Craft

      I just received in the mail the most beautiful flowers from California Blooms!!!! My Munchkin picked out the colors, as we will be celebrating the kiddo's birthday party this weekend.  The bouquet we were sent was Mixed Roses....with colors from lavender to orange and anywhere in between. We even had some bright yellows and a pale green. 
      I couldn't have been more pleased with the product. Honestly, it boggles my mind how roses can be delivered fresh from Californa and last so long. The product was shipped Wednesday, we got it by FedEx on Friday and they haven't wilted a bit (As of Monday!!). They came packed in a moss type material with a little ice pack under the rose heads and then wrapped in heavy brown paper. It was a charming display, even in the box. Speaking of the box.... we're going to be using it for the Munchkins birthday party tomorrow (more on that in a few days!!). 
      I tried something fun with one of the roses. I did a little printing. Our party is Seal I am garnering up any kind of nautical art I can make. Here's how the print turned out ( I made little gift tags out of them):
      It's a really fun print, huh?? In my mind, this blue print looks like wild ocean waves being sloshed around. So, I trimmed the tags to have a wavy feel to the edges.
      If you are interested in buying your own bouquet (which I **highly** recommend) you can check out their website:
      or call their toll free #:
      You can also find them on Facebook: 
      And, Twitter: 

      I received a bouquet of roses in compensation for a review of California Blooms. However the review is *entirely* my own opinion and written in my own words. I am a woman of my word (and one of *many* words sometimes)....believe me when I say that if I don't like something you'll know it. :-) Obviously, I was thrilled with my roses!!

      I joined these linky parties:

      Punkin Seed Productions

      Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

      Tuesday, July 20, 2010

      Little Tikes School Bus Review

      I was recently asked if I wanted to do a review for CSN Stores in exchange for a gift certificate. This is the ride-on toy I picked out as a present for a friend's baby.  Looks pretty fun, huh?

      Here's What I Like:
      • It's a Little Tikes Brand (known for their durability)
      • Two modes of operation: Rocking on base and Scooting
      • Ease of assembly
      • Quick shipping from CSN!!
      • Bright Colors
      • Inspirational theme (you're 1 and ALREADY riding on the school bus?!?!) ;-)
      • It's for ages 12-36 Months....but I think it could easily be used well beyond that

              Here's What I Don't Like:
      • Not many interactive parts on the Bus, it's a simple design (which can be a GOOD thing)
      • Limited rocking range
      The child I gave this toy to just turned one year old, and this toy is something that he is *just about* developmentally ready for. I think this skewed the review a bit. If my munchkin had had a chance to play on it, I know it would have seen a LOT more use. This baby had also received a couple of other ride-on toys that had many more gadgets than the bus, and held his interest more. However, I think a lot can be said of simplicity; it leaves more to the imagination and doesn't overwhelm the senses as easily. Too many gadgets, in my mind, can be too much for little kiddos.
      This toy would be perfect for those of you whose children like to be moving, those who are easily overwhelmed by too many gadgets, and those parents who are looking for a toy that's a little more quiet than others. :-) This is the type of toy that will be used diligently by toddlers, by riding/rocking on it, and even incorporating into their play.

      If you're interested in buying the toy

      Monday, June 21, 2010

      The Little Looster Review

      Okay, this little step stool has saved my Munchkins butt. Seriously. It's called the Little Looster and I received it to review a few weeks ago. It has kept it's place of honor in our wash-closet since then and I have no intention of removing it. This thing is GREAT!! Here are some of the best features about it:

      *Sitting on the Potty for little kiddo's can actually be comfortable!! No more dangling legs. 

      *It helps potty training kiddo's feel more secure...and there is no need for a potty SEAT. They can practice the art of perching on the precipice with perfect poise. :-)   (Couldn't resist.)

      *No more gripping the dirty seat to stop themselves from falling in. This booster is high and wide enough to give them much better balance and keep their hands free!! 

      *It's only $39.99!! One of those cheap-o stepstools  usually goes for around $14.00 and this product is like 3 stepstools in one very great shape, perectly fitted to give great balance and support.

      In my mind the best parts of this "booster for the loo" is that it gives confidence to children who are learning or practicing the art of potty training. I only wish I'd had this when my Munchkin first learned....we had quite a struggle transitioning from the little potty to the "big kids potty"....and I really think it had everything to do with the fact that there was no feeling of support when sitting on the big potty. The little looster helps to have your feet securely supported (on more than just a tiny step stool) and keep your knee's higher (rather than feet dangling) which is a better position for your body to relieve itself. I love that the Munchkin can practice sitting on the big seat and not use the potty seat on top of it....because, honestly, those things aren't that easy to clean. When asked what the munchkin thought of the Little Looster:
      "It's so BIG!!"
       And, yes, it is large....but still convenient in the bathroom for adults. It does not get in the way of adult use of the restroom, and I can't say the same for the little step stool we were using before. We constantly had to move it out of the way because the way it had to be situated for the munchkin to use it left it right in the middle of things.This Looster stays tucked away neatly by the toliet, accessible for little feet and out of the way of the big feet.

      If you would like to learn more about the Little Looster check out these links:

      or find Monica Mylet (the designer) on Twitter and follow the Companys grwoth and be a part of exciting contest:

      I received this product for free to review and all parts of my review are 100% my opinion. Believe me when I say that if I don't like something, YOU WILL KNOW IT. If I didn't like this product, I would have made it perfectly clear. Therefore, you can and should assume that I absolutely love this product and if Monica made it for adults I would buy one for myself.;-)