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Sunday, August 22, 2010

California Blooms Craft

I just received in the mail the most beautiful flowers from California Blooms!!!! My Munchkin picked out the colors, as we will be celebrating the kiddo's birthday party this weekend.  The bouquet we were sent was Mixed Roses....with colors from lavender to orange and anywhere in between. We even had some bright yellows and a pale green. 
I couldn't have been more pleased with the product. Honestly, it boggles my mind how roses can be delivered fresh from Californa and last so long. The product was shipped Wednesday, we got it by FedEx on Friday and they haven't wilted a bit (As of Monday!!). They came packed in a moss type material with a little ice pack under the rose heads and then wrapped in heavy brown paper. It was a charming display, even in the box. Speaking of the box.... we're going to be using it for the Munchkins birthday party tomorrow (more on that in a few days!!). 
I tried something fun with one of the roses. I did a little printing. Our party is Seal I am garnering up any kind of nautical art I can make. Here's how the print turned out ( I made little gift tags out of them):
It's a really fun print, huh?? In my mind, this blue print looks like wild ocean waves being sloshed around. So, I trimmed the tags to have a wavy feel to the edges.
If you are interested in buying your own bouquet (which I **highly** recommend) you can check out their website:
or call their toll free #:
You can also find them on Facebook: 
And, Twitter: 

I received a bouquet of roses in compensation for a review of California Blooms. However the review is *entirely* my own opinion and written in my own words. I am a woman of my word (and one of *many* words sometimes)....believe me when I say that if I don't like something you'll know it. :-) Obviously, I was thrilled with my roses!!

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