Friday, September 3, 2010

Evora Plus Review and Giveaway!!!!

Do you whiten your teeth?? I had always considered it, but I have got such *sensitive* teeth that I worried that I would really hurt them with all those harsh chemicals. Well, I just recently got a chance to review Evora Plus, a new Probiotic mint that naturally freshens breath, supports healthy teeth and gums, and naturally whitens teeth.  And, let me tell you I am PLEASED!! Not only have my teeth whitened at least a shade, but my mouth is feeling a lot healthier in general. Yippee!!

You've probably heard about probiotics. I've been seeing them in the news everywhere from their aid in digestive ailments to improving colic in young babies. The idea behind the Evora plus mint is that the probiotics it contains actually attack the bad bacteria in your mouth, under the gum line, on the tongue, etc. And, a happy by-product of the mint is a low level of hydrogen peroxide which helps to naturally whiten teeth slowly over time without the need for high doses.

You have really got to try this mint. So, with the help of Evora Plus, I am doing a giveaway!! The winner will receive a months worth of mints, and believe's amazing what this product can do in that kind of time!!

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The Giveaway ends on September 10th!!
Open to US and Canada Residents ONLY

Disclosure: For the purpose of this review and giveaway I was provided with product from Evora Plus. The review is written in my own words and entirely in my own opinion. I am a woman of my word (sometimes **too** many words, I have been told)....If I don't like something you will know it, promise!! :-)


  1. I have never heard of this. Good review.

  2. Interesting product. I tried the Crest whitener before and it burned my mouth. I like when companies use natural products.

  3. I've always wondered about Evora when I see the ads. My teeth are brown from so much tea drinking and when I've tried whitening my teeth it hurts because my teeth are so sensitive.

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  5. I'm following you via GFC almostcrazycouponladyatgmaildotcom

  6. Wow. Cool product...I would love to try it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. enter me please! looks like a neat product!


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