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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spray Painted School Desk

I found a great old fashioned school desk at a rummage sale a few weekend ago and I just finished it's rehab. I chose I really awesome Marigold Spray Paint (Krylon brand from Kmart, I believe) which I coated the whole desk inside and out with (the top of the desk lifts up for storage inside). 
Then I painted the alphabet and some alium in a walnut color. I traced the letters onto the desk very Old School. Because I couldn't find any carbon paper....where the heck do you find that stuff??
Here's how I did it:
~I printed out large letters onto regular printer paper and cut them out. 
~I flipped over the paper and traced the shape of the letter on the back of it in a colored pencil (but a regular pencil will do, too). 
~Then I placed the letters (traced side down) where you would like them. Trace over the lines on the front side of the image and it will PUSH your tracing on the back side right onto the desk (or whatever project you're working on). 
~Then, I just painted over the letters. The alium I free-handed. I was actually inspired by THIS hand-painted alium sidetable from Art Is Beauty.  
~I coated the desk with clear acrylic spray paint once everything was dry to keep the paint from smudging/scratching easily. 
 So, that's my little school desk redo. I am in love with that marigold spray paint, by the by. I am a woman to be wary of with spray paint.....once I've got a can I find myself scanning around for the next thing to spray. I can totally see the appeal in graffiti. :-) 

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Tikes School Bus Review

I was recently asked if I wanted to do a review for CSN Stores in exchange for a gift certificate. This is the ride-on toy I picked out as a present for a friend's baby.  Looks pretty fun, huh?

Here's What I Like:
  • It's a Little Tikes Brand (known for their durability)
  • Two modes of operation: Rocking on base and Scooting
  • Ease of assembly
  • Quick shipping from CSN!!
  • Bright Colors
  • Inspirational theme (you're 1 and ALREADY riding on the school bus?!?!) ;-)
  • It's for ages 12-36 Months....but I think it could easily be used well beyond that

        Here's What I Don't Like:
  • Not many interactive parts on the Bus, it's a simple design (which can be a GOOD thing)
  • Limited rocking range
The child I gave this toy to just turned one year old, and this toy is something that he is *just about* developmentally ready for. I think this skewed the review a bit. If my munchkin had had a chance to play on it, I know it would have seen a LOT more use. This baby had also received a couple of other ride-on toys that had many more gadgets than the bus, and held his interest more. However, I think a lot can be said of simplicity; it leaves more to the imagination and doesn't overwhelm the senses as easily. Too many gadgets, in my mind, can be too much for little kiddos.
This toy would be perfect for those of you whose children like to be moving, those who are easily overwhelmed by too many gadgets, and those parents who are looking for a toy that's a little more quiet than others. :-) This is the type of toy that will be used diligently by toddlers, by riding/rocking on it, and even incorporating into their play.

If you're interested in buying the toy