Friday, October 28, 2011

Hol-ee Football for Doggies

I got a new toy for Buddy and Chloe. Mostly Buddy, but Chloe doesn't know that. 
It's called the JW Pet Hol-ee Football and it looks like this:
Amazingly enough, after about a month, it STILL looks like that. Can you believe it?? This is buddy, the Distressor, we're talking about here. There is one little connection between one of the ovals that was broken and that's it. I think that deserves a round of applause. 
Buddy was very happy with his new toy:
The Hol-ee football is built with a very durable rubber and made for fetching, teething, tossing and tugging. You can also put treats in it. We also happen to own the Hol-ee Roller and that is a huge success in this household as well (tip: put a tennis ball in it....the dogs will flip out!!).
JW Pet makes a variety of fun, durable toys for doggies to chomp away on. They also make plenty of products for cats, birds, fish, and even small animals (like hamsters). You can find their products in just about any pet store....for instance Petco or Petsmart. Walk into the store or buy it online!!

You can also find JW Pet on

I received the JW Pet Hol-ee Football in compensation for this post. It was written entirely by me and contains my own opinions.

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