Friday, October 14, 2011

Home Furnishings

I have never bought a furniture set. I admit it. We tend to inherit (or find cheaply) the furniture that adorns our house. From a large stuffed chair from when I worked at Barnes and Noble to my Nana's matching rockers.......we've got an eclectic mix. Not that we wouldn't like to buy matching furniture....there is some definite appeal in giving a room continuity. The truth is I've never really taken the time to peruse a furniture store. 

I've been peaking around at The Room Place kids furniture online. Now THAT would be a fun place to splurge on furniture. The children's pieces are adorable:
The Hailey Collection is gorgeous. Love the scrolled metal work on the bed and mirror, as well as the simple white of the dressers and night stand. White is so crisp, and in a youths room I think it gives it a sense of delicacy and refinement. I love the light blue shade combined with the pale pink and white. 

Meet the Chair and A Half from the Zora Collection. Upholstered with chenille, this couch beckons to be napped in. Or curl up and read a good romance, I mean spy it. The nailhead trim reminds me of leather western style. 

I have always wanted a chaise lounge. And, some men to fan me with palm branches.

Oh, Cindy Crawford. Not only am I envious of your enormous mole....I am envious of your furniture collections. Love the stripe/floral contrasting patterns. So cozy!!

Now, if I were to choose a more local-ish shop....I would visit Maine Furniture. You can find local cabinet makers that do some incredible work. 

From kitchen cabinetry to woodturning, this site has some really unique ideas for adding some Maine style to your house.

This post was written in association with The Room Place. All opinions are entirely mine and the words were all written by me. 

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