Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Marvelous Mess #33 and Features!!!

It is thundering in Maine. In October. We're having some strange weather around here. Usually our leaves are all turning beautiful colors by now....but it's been so darned warm that they are waiting. I want my chilly fall temperatures and Autumn leaves!! I want a frost in the morning. Is that so much to ask, Mr. Global Warming? Heck, I would settle for a brisk breeze at this point.
I <3 Autumn.
Before I get to features today I wanted to mention a quick little problem I am having....
quite a few of you are not linking back to me. :-( Now, I'm not picky about linking it in your post or your sidebar with a button or even just add me to your linky party page (with a mention to go to it in your post, please).....but it would be so nice of everyone to actually do it. You have no idea how many different posts (over the whole course of this linky party) I thought about featuring on my sidebar and DIDN'T because they didn't link back to me anywhere on their site.

Now, if you're new to blogging and link parties and you don't know HOW to do it.....that's one thing. Just ask me and I'll totally help you out. But, if you're an established blogger than I think you know better. Please? It's the polite thing to do.

Okay. I'm done. :-)

Here are my fave's to feature from last week:
Homemade Taco Seasoning from Whole. New. Mom.
P.S. Love that photo. Pinning It!!

Awesome Homemade Laundry Mousse from Raising 4 Princesses. Totally trying this one.
And, the post I am going to feature on my sidebar for a week is....
 Biscoff Buttercream from Home Grown Beanes. I've never heard of this peanut butter substitute. Drool worthy. :-)

Thanks so much to all of you for linking up....don't forget to grab a button!!