Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Raising Monarchs: Update 4 Fly Away!!

 This is the final update about Raising Monarchs....if you'd like to see the entire post from the beginning, click HERE!!!!

Well, guess who made an appearance in the vase? Mr. Butterfly arrived even sooner than I expected!! 

So we waited until the weather was just right and let him go out in our flower garden. At first he wasn't ready to leave:
I used one of the sticks and coerced him to step onto it, then I gently pulled it out and brought it to a flower. He stepped onto it.
And, within moments he had made a friend....
He stayed for about two seconds....and then caught a fast breeze and zipped away!! I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of him on the fly. He made up his mind and just did it....well, I suppose it IS a long way to Mexico from Maine. :-) 

It's so magical to imagine a such a change happened in this little cocoon:
I suppose that might be what some of us are trying for when we get all wrapped up in a treatment at the spa....if a caterpillar can do it....

Thanks so much for following along as we went through the process of Raising a Monarch!! 

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