Monday, October 17, 2011

Tata Motors creates the world’s most expensive car!

Guest Post:
Considering how rare gold is, it’s amazing how many incredible creations have been made from the precious metal. They have been gold spoons, bowls, kettles and even a gold leaf kitchen. Very bizarre but lovely!
However, this latest golden creation is very strange indeed! Tata Motors has created a golden car. Not just any golden car either, a golden Tato Nano! The Tato Nano is the world’s cheapest car and only goes up to 65mph. However, Tata Nano saw fit to add 95kg of precious metals to it and make it the world’s most expensive car!
Now, it would have been excellent to have made an expensive car like a Ferrari or a Bugatti Veyron even more expensive by pouring precious metals and gemstones over it, but the contrast between the cheap Goldplus Nano and the expensive metals on it is indeed interesting.
The car has:
·         80kg of 22 carat gold
·         15kg of silver
·         Various gemstones
Whilst the car is thought to cost an estimated $4.6 million, it was actually designed to showcase 5,000 years of Indian jewellery-making and should anyone wish to buy it, will sadly find it’s not for sale.
Other weird and wonderful golden creations which have shown up in the news lately include:

A solid gold loo!

Yes, that’s right. A Hong Kong company has created a toilet made of solid gold. Worth about £20 million it makes spending a penny a completely different thing altogether. This golden loo may eventually be melted down for the money but we say it should stay, if only as a monument to incredible extravagance.

Kate Moss – in gold!

Kate Moss has been one of the most in-demand models in the world for the last twenty years and continues to light up the fashion world with her daring fashion choices and perfectly proportioned face and figure. Mark Quinn, a renowned designer, clearly thinks so as well.
He has created a life sized solid gold figure of Kate Moss doing a pose that means it can’t really be displayed in the average lounge. “Kate” is the largest solid gold statue made of anyone since the heady days of ancient Egypt – and we know how restrained those guys were.
Whilst you might not be able to afford a solid gold loo – and to be honest, would you really spend £20 million? - You could still benefit from the current high price of gold by selling any scrap gold you might have lying around. People often forget exactly how much they own until they find a dusty old jewellery box or inherit something.
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