Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh, GNOME you didn't....

Can I just say I LURVE this tee shirt??  I couldn't stop giggling the first time I saw it. Something about SASSY and GNOME all in one funky top.
I chose the Oh Gnome You Didn't in the Cheap T-Shirts Section
of Crazy Dog T-Shirts. There are a couple of other Gnome Shirts there too:
Chillin with my Gnomies

Say Hello To My Little Friend
                        My tee is made of nice and sturdy (not flimsy) material. I have to admit,
                                I am more attracted to it's statement rather that it's material. :-)

               All in all, super cute tees. And, I think they are totally fitting for the holidays!!  
                                               Gnomes....Elves....really, what's the diff. :-)
Here's one more funny tee I found in the movie t-shirts section. It's totally R2D2:
LOVE it. My husband can make the R2D2 sound through his teeth. True Story.

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