Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Marvelous Mess #2

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flower Pot Color Wheel

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 I was totally inspired by my 1st feature this week on my Marvelous Mess party. It involved tin cans and paint to make a crayon organizer. SO cute!! I took it a couple of steps further and used mini flower pots (found at the Dollar store) and a plastic tray and painted it, mod podged it, and made it into a color wheel crayon organizer. :-) It's handy and it encourages some artistic thinking and education about color theory at the same time. Making something like this for your child (or having them help you!! ) and then teaching them about Primary colors and secondary colors (made by mixing primaries) will  be a learning experience for both of you. Here is a little overview of Color Theory:

Primary Colors:

red yellow blue
Secondary Colors:

(red + yellow) = ORANGE
(red + blue) = PURPLE
(blue + yellow) = GREEN 

Tertiary Colors:
Made by mixing one Primary Color + One Secondary Color =            
The possibilitites are endless!!

Complementary Colors:
Colors opposite each other on the color wheel. Example: Red and Green. Just because the colors are complementary does not mean that they look well together....but they help something to "stand out". 

Analogous Colors:
Colors right next to each other on the color wheel. Blue and green for example. These color usally go well together and make for a comforting peaceful feeling.

Warm Colors:
These are colors that subconsciously make us think of warmth and fire.

Cool Colors:
These are colors that make us subconsciously think of coolness and water.
Neutral Colors:
Browns (which are made by mixing the three primaries) and Grays (made by mixing black and white) are considered to be neutral colors. They are also called Earth tones. You will not usually see them on a color wheel. On mine above, I have painted the center pot white with gray and black polka dots and the plastic container has been painted brown.

A hue is a "pure" color. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet are pure colors that have not been modified by white or black. 

A shade is when black has been added to a a hue (or "pure" color). This progressively darkens a color.

A tint is when white has been added to a hue. This lightens a color. 

There, now you know enough about color theory to teach a very short class. :-)
I'll leave you with another picture of my fun little potted color wheel:

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Where have I been?? Revamping my Bathroom.

This is one of the bathrooms in my house:
It is smallish and oldish and has a stand up shower-ish. We actually use it quite a bit because it is just so accessible (right next to the kitchen) and because our other bathroom is upstairs and we spend most of our time downstairs.....well, it's just not as convenient. 

The downstairs bath has this warped and peeling vinyl that needed to go. We just haven't had the motivation. Well, those days are gone my friend.....a nice little gift card to lowes for Christmas changed all that. :-) We're going to tile the bathroom and repaint the walls and put up some new sheet rock and tile over the shower.  Here are the tile colors:
The larger tiles are for the floor and the white tile will be going above the shower. I have to say: I would not have chosen that brown tile without some serious coercion. Coercion in the form of money.....we don't have a lot of it and this stuff was the cheapest. So, i have to make do with what we've got. After shopping for all of our supplies I picked out some paint to go on the walls. I was so proud of myself. I brought it home and immediately painted the walls (two nice thick coats) and then pulled out a tile from the box as an afterthought to see if it matched........nope. It desperately does not match. 
It came out so much more *peachy* than sandy. It's actual name is Imperial Sands (I've been humming some of the Star Wars marches since I brought the paint home). Back to the drawing board. My hubby said, how about blue?? and I said "................................" 
Blue is not an option on the table. :-) 
Any ideas??

Here's how the bathroom looks now:
Washer and dryer are out and the cement board is down for the most part. We had an unfortunate situation with some, we've got to wait for a plumber before we more further on this project. In the mean time my living room looks like this:
I can promise you that this does nothing for the feng shui of the room.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Marvelous Mess Feature!!

Okay Crafty are all incredible!! I have been hemming and hawing all day on which particular project to feature!!  Than you all so much for linking to my first Marvelous Mess party.  I've decided to pick a project that has really stuck with me the past couple of days....I am desperate to recreate this, but I don't really eat much from canned goods (which are necessary for the craft). I actually spent some time in the family dollar tonight looking at all the canned goods and deciding which size can would make the perfect crayon organizer.

I was too much of a cheapskate to actually spend 65 cents per can (and what would I do with all those black olives anyway??)

Take a look at what Kristie from Simply Crafty created:

As a mother of a preschooler, I can tell you that this crayon organizer will come in super dooper handy. And, as the owner of a 8 month old puppy, it will help to keep my dog from eating all the loose crayons that fall on the floor (and from leaving multi-colored little you-know-whats on the lawn). Too much information?? :-)
Kristie, you can find my featured button on the upper right sidebar of my blog!! Your project will be featured up there as well. Thank you all for linking up and I hope I see you all again next week!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My 1st Applique Attempt with Heat N Bond

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For a baby shower  I attended this weekend I decided to make some onesie appliques!! So much fun and so simple. A great way to use up some random fabric, too. This were a hit with the mom-to-be and all the giggling gaggle of gals oooo-ing over the gifts. :-) All these took were some heat-n-bond and some random fabric to apply it to. You have got to try this (or, have you already and I'm the last to the party?? Probably.) Still, I'd like to show you the rest of my project. I made them deliberately simple and in kiddo style. 

To wrap these up, I used tissue and crepe paper and did something just a tad funky:

I packaged the onesies in tissue paper and taped the flaps in place, then I took the crepe paper and wrapped it quite a few times around the middle of the package (taping the end and beginning of the strip in place). 
If you'd like to make the lotus type flower I created, here's what you'll need:

Hot Glue
Crepe Paper (trimmed to the shape you see above)

Make a square shape out of an extra piece of paper:

Pinch a petal and glue it onto the side of the square, repeat until you reach the end of the outer edge:

The add another layer on top of it. And a layer on top of that one:
Then, to make the middle of the flower, grab a strip of crepe and fold it in half lengthwise. Begin twisting and hot gluing it into a spiral shape. 
Glue that spiral to the center of your flower.
It's a sweet little flower.
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