Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1st Day of School

When dropping my Munchkin off for the first day of school today (can I get a *sniff, sniff*?.....actually it was more like *sob,sob* on my part) I lingered in the classroom a bit to get the lay of the land. I was impressed with the organization of the room and all the Classroom Decorations. For a while I had considered homeschooling, but I never could have made my house resemble anything like that classroom. It really gave the kids a feeling of uniformity and THIS is where we learn and play with our new friends!! I think, at least for Munchkin, it's the kind of change and teaching setting that is needed. A space that is truly defined for it's purpose and not our kitchen table.

It would definitely be possible to make a special room in your house look like a classroom. I have quite a few homeschooling moms and I think they would agree how important it is to be able to set the scene for learning (at least for some children). I know I find it easier to focus on crafting if I am in the right room with all the right supplies.

The site School Supplies for Less offers Teacher and Homeschooling supplies. Everything from chalk to balance beams and thematic units to overhead projectors and everything in between. Not only do they have all the things you need to work in the classroom, they have great classroom decorations. I found these adorable cupcake accents and just had to show you:
In that same line of thought, I dropped off some cupcakes today for Munchkin's class (made by my MIL). I added a little gel icing because I am, essentially, Martha Stewart. 
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Marvelous Fairy Garden

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 On the tawny sands and shelves
Trip the pert fairies and the dapper elves.
~John Milton

 Buttercups in the sunshine look like little cups of gold.
Perhaps the Faeries come to drink the raindrops that they hold.
~Elizabeth T. Dillingham, "A Faery Song"

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Luxury Pallet Dog Bed

Want to see what Buddy and Chloe are doing now?
Check out their Instagram here: Two Wild And Crazy Dogs

Now that we have another puppy (I say Puppy but at 19 weeks old he weighs 45 BIG puppy) we need a bigger dog bed. I made Chloe her own special bed HERE out of an old bulb crate. She still LOVES her bed but Buddy, our new black labrador puppy, will need something bigger. Then they can snuggle. 

To do this project you will need:
a wooden pallet
fabric (soft and durable) 60" by 33"
old blanket (optional)
wooden ball finials
spray paint

 1. Cut off a third of the pallet. Sand all the edges.
 2. Use wood glue to add wooden balls to all 8 corners (top and bottom sides of pallet).
3. Spray paint white and let dry. 
4. Sew fabric together like you making a pillow case, leaving one end unfinished. 
5. Put the mattress inside the fabric.
6. (Optional) Add the extra blanket on top of the mattress, to give that extra feeling of luxury. 
Buddy likes the feather blanket...
7. Cut some holes on the top and bottom of the outer fabric at the open end and use some matching scrap fabric to tie up the seam. Then you can just untie the mattress cover to wash it. 
Pretty easy.
The doggies are thrilled:

They even had a friend over and, being an older dog, she REALLY enjoyed it. Here is Rosie on the bed:

Aw. I am totally content with this bed.
So are the doggies.

Check them out here: