Saturday, January 21, 2012

Round Valentine Love Chalkboard

Here's my latest in Valentine crafts. It's also just really cute to have on your wall for little love notes....cause you don't need a special day to tell someone you love them. 

Here is how I did it:

I took a round piece of wood (in this case a small wooden table top) and spray painted it with chalkboard paint. 

Cover it with a piece of cloth (I used a rough linen that looks just like burlap) and trace the circle shape. Then trim out the circle. 

Trace a heart shape onto the circle (that is centered in the middle). I folded my linen in half and and traced out half a heart, so that is was symmetrical. Once it is trimmed, use some spray adhesive to glue the linen to the chalkboard.
Now, you can work on the trim!!!

I used a white sheer ribbon with a solid edge as the first layer. Using hot glue, a attched along the egde of the circle. Then, I pleated a pink polka dotted ribbon and attached that on top of the white one. I used white tulle and accordion folded it along the sides of the edges. I ran out of space with the pink ribbon in one spot.....
So, I had to improvise. Linen flowers ought to do it, right?????


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  1. The linen 'frame' is such a cute idea! Brava!

  2. So cute! I love the heart!

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  3. This is lovely,would you linking it up into my Valentine page hop that will be open for a long time?


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