Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kidlandia Free Online Game

Kidlandia is offering a free interactive game for children on their site!!

If you don't know Kidlandia, they are the most fantastic site for making personalized gifts that are creative and interesting for your children. You can find maps, cups, pillow cases, placemats and so many more items to personalize for your child. We currently own a poster for the wall and a placemat, both products are maps....the poster is of the United States and the placemat is of the world. We have loved both products....not only because they are unique but because they teach at the same time.
Kidlandia is taking "personalization" to a new you can create a land AND play within in boundaries online!! 

They've created an imaginary world that is inhabited by lots of little animals (they call them Kreechurs). By using money (Kaploons....which you earn by participating in some educational games), you can fill your own personal land with kreechurs, homes, plants, and your very own Popkin (the kreechur that represents you). You can dress the Popkin in many styles:

And, you can organize the Kreechurs all over the land:

The kreechurs are really cool. And, they came with their own stories....not only can you read their story, you can add to it. This is my favorite part of this game. Being able to add to the stories and histories of the land gives the person on the game a feeling of ownership and something to be proud of!!!!

You can buy eggs to hatch Kreechurs out of. And, sometimes your kreechurs lay eggs that you can collect. You take good care of the eggs by giving them warm sunshine and kisses:

It's such an adorable game. And, it is definitely educational. I think you can your family should check it out!! You are going to love it!!