Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Valentine for You: New Glasses!!!!!

One of my sponsors, Global Eyeglasses, is offering an awesome deal for Valentines Day.....

Buy One Get One

You've got to go check out their prescription glasses. Incredible prices on top of a great sale equals major savings for you. 

While you are shopping for your discount glasses be sure to look at the help page on figuring out frame size. They have a simple way to find your frame size so that, as you shop you can be looking for the best fit. 

Pretty important stuff, really. You wouldn't want to have very small frames show up and it just so happens that you need large ones. I always find myself a little shocked when I try on a pair of glasses that have such small frames. Some people are just kinda puny, I guess (not Amazonian like me)!!!!!

Global Eyeglasses has a great variety of lenses and frames, from single vision to progressive and everything in between. They also offer prescription Sunglasses....and I'll tell you what, I'm already planning on April vacation....and I am going to need some sunglasses for it. Yahoo!!!!!!!

So, are you going to go check out Global Eyeglasses or what?!?! 

Don't go into the store to buy your glasses, go online and get a really good deal!!!!!!

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