Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion To Figure Review

Fashion to Figure is a plus size fashion site that offers plenty of variety for women of substance. I recently got a chance to review a dress from their site and found myself pleased with the purchase. I am always on the lookout for places to buy plus sized clothing....I want to be large with STYLE....not Muumuus. At Fashion to Figure I found many options for the picky dresser from maxi dresses to jersey shirts with rhinestone buttons. They also offer the basics.

My dress is no longer offered on the site, or I would show you a picture. It's a glittery, lightweight strapless dress with some great draping fabric....perfect for a summer night. My only complaint with the dress is that the gold glitter now sparkles everywhere in my house....but I've never had such a glittery dress may just be that that kind of fabric does that.

You'll find yourself contemplating styles you might never have thought of before when you visit their site. I tend toward simplicity....and by that I mean I'm a chicken when it comes to being this site was an eyeopener. They have neons and polkadots, boleros and kimonos. They also have plenty of fashion jewelry to accent your outfit.

You can find Fashion to Figure Here:


  1. I would agree, this site has lots of great fashion outfits and are perfect to those pluz size women. I also heard about they also have unique fashion costumes and more.


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