Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Unjunk Your Junk Food Book Review

Now, here is a great book for those of us who love junk food but want to eat healthy as well!!! The creators of have come with the perfect book for healthy foodies to peruse. The point of this book is, essentially, to help people find alternatives to traditional snacks....a worthy cause indeed; traditional snacks are filled with high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and trans fats. 

Unjunk is organized by food genre; you'll find all of your favorites (chips and dips, frozen desserts, cookies, sodas, etc.) grouped together and for each "bad choice" listed they have got a good alternative option. Want some cool whip?? Try Truwhip. Some Sprite?? How about a Santa Cruz Lemon Lime. Not only do they give you the better option, they tell you in detail *why* it is better and what is in your  favorite junk food that you should be avoiding. 

I loved the intro chapters explaining the reasons why we need to eat healthy, even with snack food. It was great to get some explanations on the words used in labeling as well as descriptions of the "bad" ingredients and *why* they should be avoided, with lists of side-effects and everything. 

I definitely found this book to be helpful. Just scanning through it inspired me to want to revamp my shopping list. I am sure you'll feel the same. And, it will definite benefit you in the long run!!!

You can find the book here:

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