Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nestle into a Craft Room with Crafty Necessities

If you are anything like me and Missy, we like to craft the day away within a cozy area that's full of crafty necessities. I'm always looking for ways to improve my crafty space and there just so happens to be many accessories that aide me in creating a functional space. If your goal is to create a craft haven where everything is accessible and feel at home simultaneously, keep reading....

Supplies Within Reach

Having your craft supplies within reach is important when you’re trying to get craft projects done. Using wall shelves above your desk that is at your height (or within arms length) will make it easy to pull supplies down when you need to get to them. Also, having colorful bins and baskets on top of the shelves will also keep things organized and you can also mark the outside of the basket so you’ll know what exactly is in there. Another idea is to securely place a rod on your wall followed by putting hooks and cups on the rod too. You can place scissors, markets, tape, and even paintbrushes either on the hooks or within the cups for clever and stylish storage.

Trendy and Functional Furniture

If you have the right amount of furniture in a fun craft room space then the entire room will look fantastic. The idea is to utilize the space but not make it look too cluttered. As well as having a desk chair, durable desk, and a table to work on, why not implement a sofa bed for guests to sit on too? Sofa beds are very functional because if you are limited on space in your home, a sofa bed will work perfectly for guests who are spending the night because they have will have a pull out bed to sleep on. Transform your craft room space into an instant guest bedroom and they will feel right at home in your tidy and functional interior.

Organize Supplies by Purpose

Part of having a functional and fabulous craft room is organizing your supplies by purpose. This means that you either need to organize them by type (i.e. markers or glue), color, brand, or seasonality. It really depends on what works for you best and where you’ll be able to find your supplies the easiest. If you’re able to use clear containers to store your craft supplies in, that might also be helpful. Organization can be tricky, but once you figure out a way to store supplies and find them easily, you’re all set to go.

So are you ready to design or revamp your craft room? Organization and nestling into a craft room may seem challenging, but once you have all of your craft necessities your craft room will become your new favorite retreat. It’s a great place to get away from it all, believe me! I love escaping and enjoying my craft room. From relaxing to allowing my imagination to come alive, a trendy craft room is definitely worth it!

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She loves to craft and having a functional interior with craft necessities is something she loves, especially when she needs to get away from it all.