Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Marvelously Mess and Features!!!!

Howdy Crafty People!!

I wanted to show you a couple of details from my husbands costume (handmade by me!!). We went to a party last night as a Steampunk couple. Ever heard of steampunk?? You've got to google it. I think of Steampunk as Victorian era clothes with a Jules Verne-ish modern technical edge. 
Here is part of my hubby's costume:

We leaned towards western steampunk. Bowler hat (found at target) with safety goggles-turned sci-fiction (lots of chrome colored spray paint, random metal scraps, hot glue, and even a little nail polish). The belt and holder is just a regular tan woven cotton belt with attached leather holster (hot glued into the right shape by me). The holster has a drawer pull on it-minus a knob.  The weapon my husband carried was actually my Munchkins remote for a car, spray painted. It still works!!

Found this great western-style vest at goodwill. Hot glued more metal doohickey's: chains, leather, latches, and yet another drawer pull (I had a bunch of them on hand and they fit the style for me). There is usually a good amount of *purpose* behind each part of a steampunk costume....I am ashamed to admit I didn't always imagine what purpose each piece might have. I was making it all fairly fast.

On his arm, the hubbster wore another "tool". This one got the most comments from everyone....what was it's purpose???? I left them guessing (because I was lazy and didn't want to make up a purpose).  I used a metal fire extinguisher holder for a wall and spray painted it a bronze color. I found a sparkling water bottle and cleaned it up, dripped some gold paint on the inside and let it cover the walls and attached a lot more metal, brass, wire, washers, wooden objects painted to look like name it, it's on there. I sewed it into place on an old white shirt (which was worn under the western vest) through the screw holes.

And, my costume?? I didn't get many great pictures, so I might have to put it on and pose tomorrow. But, I will show you the whole ensemble before Halloween!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for this great link party, Happy Halloween week!

  2. Loved the outfits! VERY creative!!

  3. I love all your steampunkery! Really cool details - the arm holster mystery tool is kinda scary!

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    Bread machine? Fuggedaboudit! Here's the low-down on making bread machine recipes by hand:

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    Have a great week!

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